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Isaac Record


about me

I am a teaching professor at Lyman Briggs College, Michigan State University, where I am Founding Director of the Collaborative Experiential Learning Laboratory (CELL). I teach courses in philosophy of science, science and technology studies, and critical making. My research seeks to situate our epistemic and ethical circumstances within a network of values, capabilities, and material and social technologies. I hold a PhD from the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto.

Current Projects

I am currently working on a book project about knowledge on the internet, in collaboration with Boaz Miller of Zefat Academic College, Israel. We are very pleased to have won a spot in the 2023 Ann Johnson Institute for STS Book Manuscript Workshop.

We are also working on a paper on deepfakes, and have a paper under review about the norms of posting (mis)information online. See my research page for more!

Current and Upcoming Teaching

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Request a letter of reference

It is a part of my job to write letters, so you never need feel awkward about making a request.

It is my policy to write a letter only when I am confident that I can write a strong letter of support. This means that I must know you well enough to speak with confidence about your performance as a student, researcher, or other position. It also means that I will need your help in assembling the appropriate details of your case. Finally, I will need all of the relevant details at least two weeks in advance of the first deadline. Even when meeting all three of these conditions, I may have to decline your request if I am already committed -- therefore, it is helpful to contact me as early as possible.

I receive many requests for letters each semester. As an aid to my own organization, I ask that you fill out this form.