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Isaac Record



Collaborative Experiential Learning Laboratory

The CELL supports creative, interdisciplinary work that is both playful and profound. It is equipped with a 3D printer and board games, Virtual Reality and glue sticks. The construction of the CELL reflects its inclusive, experimental identity: it was designed by students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds who were given a broad mandate and supported with appropriate tools. The CELL is located within Lyman Briggs College, which is known for experimental, high powered teaching and for a curriculum that addresses science and culture in the same breath.

Accessing the CELL

The Collaborative Experiential Learning Laboratory is located in Room W10, West Holmes Hall. Students and faculty can sign out a key in 3 hour shifts at the West Holmes Service Center. In order to sign out a key, you must first meet with Dr. Record for training and fill out this form agreeing to the conditions for responsible use of the space.

Accessibility Statement

The CELL is committed to providing equal access to services and facilities for all members of Lyman Briggs College and residents of Holmes Hall. It is a priority for the CELL to select and acquire, whenever possible, resources and technologies that are accessible to all and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. For equipment that is not accessible, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and timely access to users with disabilities.

Questions? Contact the CELL Director, Dr. Isaac Record at

students demonstrating how to use the sewing machine and serger. Photo credit: Piper Cook, LBC the emotional ups and downs of board games. Photo credit: Piper Cook, LBC cnc machined sign for the cell. Photo credit: Piper Cook, LBC a student explores a virtual realm as other students look on. Photo credit: Piper Cook, LBC Isaac posing with a student project, the shed vending machine for women's reproductive health. Photo credit: Piper Cook, LBC students use the cricut to design laptop stickers. Photo credit: Piper Cook, LBC

Available Equipment

Computer Numerical Controlled Prototyping

Tools for prototyping, repair, and making

Documentation tools

Electronics Prototyping Kits

Games and teambuilding tools